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Fishing in New York
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Flyfish For Steelhead And Salmon In New York!
We specialize in fly fishing for Salmon, Steelhead, Trophy Brown Trout, Steelhead Bass and Pike. We are a New York guide and outfitter offering fishing trips on the Oswego River, Salmon River, Lake Ontario Tribs, Finger Lakes and Delaware River.
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Lake Ontario and its tributaries provide a unique opportunity to catch trophy trout and salmon without flying to Alaska at great expense. Fly fishermen can pursue very large salmonids within a few hours drive of the East Coast.

From September through April we specialize in fishing for salmon, steelhead and trophy brown trout. These are LARGE fish which run out of Lake Ontario into numerous tributaries in Northern New York State. These fish take flies well and are exceptional game fish.

The salmon run well from September to November with Coho of 8-12 pounds and Kings of 10-40 pounds in abundance. Occasionally Atlantic salmon of 8-20 pounds are also encountered. Large brown trout of 6-14 pounds accompany the salmon upstream in some streams. Each fall the Oswego River probably has the largest concentration of trophy brown trout in the United States. Steelhead of 8-20 pounds run well from October through April, with November, December, February and April the best. The best mixed bag fishing (salmon, browns, steelhead, lake trout) is in October and November.

Fishing in New York


Our streams vary in size from large rives to small creeks of moderate gradient. The Oswego River is large, fast and highly suitable for drift boat fishing. A drift trip in a Mckenzie riverboat is an exciting way to catch salmon and steelhead in relative comfort. A float trip is highly recommended for anglers who are inexperienced in the ways of salmon and steelhead.

The smaller streams are especially suited to flyfishing and can provide an intimate encounter with trophy fish that are quite visible as they inspect your offering. It is very exciting, but requires concentration on the part of the individual angler for a successful trip.

Many anglers choose to sample both types of fishing during their stay.

Float tubing on Lake Ontario off creek mouths is also effective.

Fly Fishing in New York


John F. Dembeck
NYS Guide License #0189
CPR, First Aid,Water Safety Certified
1522 County Route 3, Hannibal, NY 13074
(315) 564-6366

Fishing in New York

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Updated April 05, 2008

Winter has been slow to let go up here, but now that it finally warmed up fishing is quite good. The past ten days have been quite variable due to the unseasonable weather. Last Sat. it never got above 26 F all day but we caught Steelhead. The warmer days have definitely fished better and the forecast for this week is 50s to 60s and the water levels in the creeks are near perfect. I expect it to be excellent.

Just as an example of the variability involved in Steelhead fishing; the two anglers who just fished with me were up for three days. The first day was cold with a miserable wind chill and high water. It was also their first time fishing since a trip with me on the Delaware in September and they were very rusty and didn't land anything. The next day was warmer, the water lower, and more importantly they had gotten their casting and mending skills back. They landed a couple nice big Steelhead and lost some others. By Friday( their last day) they were fishing with confidence and skill and water levels were better though it was still rather cold. We hooked Steelhead all day on a variety of flies and one of them was a true trophy of 16 to 18 pounds. In three days they experienced the full gamut of fishing success. Angler skill/technique is the one variable that can override all the others.

A variety of flies have produced from big spey flies through my " go to" attractors the Lemon Drop, Cherry Blossum, and Freight Train Flashabou. Of course we caught some fish on glow bugs too. Techniques have been mostly dead drift with an indicator but swinging on a sink tip has worked better at times. All in all it was a good if cold week.

John D.


Fly Fishing in New York

From May through August, we concentrate on large wild stream trout in the Delaware River System. The Delaware is home to the finest population of large streambred rainbow in Eastern North America. Their fighting characteristics are legendary. Brown trout abound in the East and West branches and reach sizes usually encountered only in lakes. American shad are an added bonus that can produce great sport in late Spring. The main river is large, and its character and fishing techniques required often have more in common with Montana than New York. Both wading and drift trips are available. Since the West branch of the Delaware has cold water releases from the bottom of Cannonsville Reservoir, our fishing usually holds up throughout the summer. The best fishing in is in July and August with daily sulfur and B.W.O hatches.

We encourage catch and release to maintain this unique fishery!

Fishing in New York